Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sewing Fun

    Hey, ya'll! This is Molly, Annie and I just finished a really fun week!
    You see, our grandma signed us up for a sewing camp. At first I wasn't sure what to expect. But when we got there, I knew I was gonna have some fun.
     There were about 8 girls in the class, and all were about Annie and I's age. How cool is that?! Everyone was super friendly! Our teacher was awesome! She was soooo friendly and it was like she knew everything about sewing.
    The projects we workedon were a cool beach bag / hand bag, a coin purse, water bottle holder, and a sun glass case. Since we didn't finish everything, our teacher, Mrs. C., gave us instructions so that we could finish everything at home.
                                                        Here are some pictures we took :

                                                     Here, Annie is pinning her bag together.
                                                       This is me and a girl named Sam.
                                                    These our some of the girls in our class.
                                                      This is our lovely teacher, Mrs. C.

                                                This is the finished product of my bag.
                                                         Here is my finished coin purse.
                                                 Here is the half finished water bottle holder.
                                                                  This is Annie's bag.
                                                      This is her really cute coin purse.
                                               And this is her half finished water bottle holder.
    Altogether, it was an awesome week. Now that it's over, I wish it was a longer time. Fun!!

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