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Fortunately, Earl’s and my date nights aren’t THIS non-existent, but it can be a challenge sometimes to break away from the daily grind and get away from the house - just the two of us.

Last night, though, we did it!

I did something to my shoulder about a week ago, and tired of the pain, I finally scheduled an appointment with the chiropractor (hadn’t been in 2 1/2 years!).

“Hey, want to join me and make it a date night? My appointment isn’t until 7pm. We could grab a bite to eat before hand and just hang out together.”

“Sure. Why don’t you see if there’s a Subway nearby and we’ll eat down that way and beat the traffic.”

So, I mapquested Subway and found one right close to the chiropractor’s office. Em took over dinner preparations for me, we gave last minute instructions and headed out the door. I would have “whoo hoo-ed” it louder if it wasn’t for the lousy pain I was contending with.

Well, as we neared the intersection where the Subway was supposed to be, we realized it was in a gas station. Oh well. We got our meal and ended up eating it out behind the gas station in the van, staring at a brick wall, and trying to talk over a generator of some sort running nearby. So very romantic. LOL!

Next, we found ourselves sitting in the waiting room of the chiropractor’s office. There was one other lady plus the “office staff guy”. I was reading a Reader’s Digest and Earl was reading something else. I came across this really funny “funny” and busted out laughing. I showed it to Earl and he started laughing. We just really got the giggles and couldn’t stop. We were both crying we were laughing so hard, but trying to not laugh too loudly. I felt like I was a teenager again, trying not to laugh in church! And we were terrified someone would ask us what was so funny and we didn’t want to have to tell the joke. But we giggled over it all the way up to bedtime.

The joke? Well, I’ll share it, but I think it may be one of those where we were overly tired and stressed perhaps. It is not my intent to offend anyone, but we just find these stories funny because we would be mortified to find ourselves in similar situations.

“Doctor, please help me,” says an elderly patient. “I have silent passage of gas every morning. I have silent passage of gas every afternoon, and I suffer from silent passage of gas in the evening. Sometimes I have silent passage of gas at unpredictable times – for instance, just now. Doctor, can you help me?”

“Sure, I can help you,” says the doctor. “But first you need your hearing checked.”

from Dr. Oz, media mogul (Reader’s Digest, September 2012)

Anyway, we had a fun time out together and the laughing was good. I LOVE when Earl laughs that hard. I LOVE that man!


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