Relaxing . . .


Well . . . our summer is almost gone, and I’ve only “blogged” once. So much for doing better in THAT area once school let out. Oh well, we’ve been busy.

Ever since we moved into this house, we have spent many days at my mom’s place in Irvine swimming at the pool in her complex. I tell ya, when we first went there, it felt like walking into a lush resort, and it STILL feels that way to me. And now, it is even more relaxing for ME, as all our kids are water-safe and we just have lots of fun in the water together with no tears or stress.

Look – doesn’t that look amazingly relaxing??


Jonathan wears himself out swimming AND he gets cold quickly (even though the water is not cold), so he loves to dry off by lying on the hot (very hot) concrete. I think he is part lizard!

It has been nice during the summer months to get to spend a good part of the day once a week with my mom. It definitely is much less stressful traveling down there these days, as the kids are old enough to help get everything we need ready. Mom will often get in the water with us and we have a good time playing Frisbee. She is the kids’ number one encourager when it comes to their swimming!


My little minnows . . . (all in the DEEP end!)


A favorite thing to do . . .is “crazy” jumps off the side of the pool in the deep end. This week, Jonathan joined them for the first time!


David knows how to relax too after a tough day of swimming in the pool.


The sun always feels so good when drying off. We sometimes all end up sitting in these chairs watching the others swim and just talking (and trying not to fall asleep)


The ONLY down side to “swim days” for me is being all relaxed and sleepy and sitting in traffic to get home . . . and then having to still function as mom until bedtime. But we’ll do it again next week, and the next . . .

‘cause it’s just so relaxing and fun!



Hope said…
I am glad you get to enjoy that. :) I LOVE getting to relax by the pool! Especially with family. :)

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