"Schedules, Schmedules"

It has started.
We had a slight bump in things last week as we took off for Stockton (so glad we did!), but that is the beauty of homeschooling - it gives us the flexibility to make time for the things that are truly important. However . . . there are days when EVERYTHING and EVERYONE except school "feels" important. So, therefore a schedule is a vital part of our homeschooling. We try not to be a slave to it, but it does serve to keep this circus on track most days.

I have a love/hate relationship with our school schedule. I love the accountability most days, but I buck against it often as well, as it just feels like a "hard task master". But then again, this season is the most difficult of our schooling that we've encountered so far. Everyone is doing a "full school schedule" and everyone's schooling must fit somehow into the limited day time hours allotted us and my limited energy. (Forget about housekeeping, grocery shopping, relationships, etc.. Just kidding. But I am amazed at how those things do get my attention at all, considering the "all-consumingness" of homeschooling.) I'm not complaining. Just trying to paint a realistic picture for you so that you can be amazed with me at God's goodness that He allows us to accomplish so much. Apart from Him, I really could not accomplish anything of real lasting value.

I poured sweat, blood and tears into this year's schedule. I wrote it. I tweaked it. I re-wrote it. Then I typed it up, passed it out . . . and it is what it is. Most days don't reflect the schedule even close to perfectly. But, like I said, if we didn't have it at all . .. our schooling would be chaos.

So, for those who have asked, or for those of you who are just curious as to how we manage to "do this homeschooling thing" . .. here is a copy of our schedule. This year, Emily is in 10th grade, David is in 9th grade, Molly is in 6th grade, Annie is in 5th grade, and Jonathan is in 3rd grade. You'll see that E & D are combined in some subjects, and M & A are pretty much doing the same curriculum. Jonathan gets most of my one-on-one instruction, but they all get daily time with me so we can touch base where we need to.

 Doing Prima Latina with the three younger ones. It's been fun to see their enthusiasm!

 Since CA decided to have a MAJOR heat wave the very week we started school, the 3 youngers rushed out every day to cool off out back.

This photo of Jonathan pretty much sums up how most of us feel the first few weeks of school. This kid NEVER falls asleep mid-day any more . . . but you make a 7-year old sit still for any length of time (even though he LOVES school) . . . and that can wear us ALL out. (ha, ha!)


Bekka said…
Haha, very fun! Boy does listening to everyone talk about school make me feel old! Haha. It's been over 3 years since I was homeschooled! I feel like that's a short time but at the same time it feels like a whole lifetime ago!

Hope things work out well this school year for you guys! =D Keep it up, Mrs. Miles!
SevenPilgrims said…
Thanks, Bekka!
Abby said…
I somehow couldn't access the schedule. I'm always curious to see how it works for everyone. That'll be me in a few years, all 5 in full schedule. Little 3 year old thinks she can do it now...but there's still so much one on one time spent with all three boys. The older two have some learning issues that complicate things....well, make us have a VERY flexible schedule...and we just never know what a day will turn out to be with the difficulties they face. BUT GOD does, and so I trust Him. Always helpful to see how it works for others. Wish we were closer.
SevenPilgrims said…
Thanks for letting me know about the link, Abby. Does it work now?

I think sharing schedules is difficult because every family really does look different, but it can be helpful for me to look at others' schedules because it can spur me on to think outside my box sometimes. You and Seth will figure it out . . .and figure it out again . . . and figure it out again . . . :P

Wish we were closer too! Miss you . . .

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