Sweet 16!


On the 17th of August, Earl and I celebrated 16 years of marriage!

Earlier in the year, we had taken advantage of a “2 for 1” deal and so yesterday, since neither of us had ever been, we headed over to Catalina Island for the day!

We arrived in Newport Beach about 8am and stood in a very long line. Apparently, our anniversary just happens to fall on one of the last weekends before school starts back up.


It was a beautiful southern CA day! We’ve been having a heat wave and it’s been very humid, but we had a nice cloud cover this morning and the breeze from the water felt great as we sat at the back of the boat.


It felt like we were really going somewhere, as we watched the mainland slowly fade in the distance.

I briefly thought . . . “Wait, my kids are back there. This is a lot of distance!” But I was quickly reassured as I knew my mom was going to be spending some time with them and they have grown so capable of managing on their own these days, and we were not going to be without cell phone service. They ended up having a fun day (Thanks, Mom, Hannah and Sarah!) and we checked in a few time.


As we pulled into the port in Avalon, and disembarked, I got a shot of our “boat”. We took the Catalina Flyer and it took about 1 hour and 15 minutes to “fly“ to the island.


I ended up taking my motion sickness medicine a little late and therefore had to contend a little with some sea sickness toward the end of the trip. When we got to the island about 10:30, we looked around, but decided to eat an early lunch and get something in our stomachs before doing some exploring.

Someone had given Earl a “ministry gift” recently and we decided to use that for our anniversary day. It was fun! We found this little restaurant called “Steve’s Steakhouse”. We normally would have brought a lunch or bought some “fast food” somewhere off of some stand. This was very nice. We were told we had the best table in the restaurant. It was upstairs by the “window” overlooking the water. Actually, it was all open (no glass) so we got a nice breeze.


This was the view from our table!


After lunch, we walked around, visited a small museum and tried to not think about how HOT and HUMID it was.

Isn’t this just gorgeous scenery though?!


We also splurged and rented a golf cart for an hour and did the “Island scenic tour”. That was a lot of fun, and provided some good breezes as we whipped along the streets with our hair blowing in the wind, trying to avoid pedestrians and stray dogs. We climbed pretty high and got some good views before having to head back down. Earl drove and I was the not so capable map reader. (It’s hard to read those tiny words on those squiggly lines when you get motion sick!) I’m just very grateful we didn’t go on any “forbidden” roads or up any one-way streets!!


Here’s one of the views of the harbor as we were on our way back down.


All in all it was a WONDERFUL day, celebrating life with a WONDERFUL man!

We are both so very grateful for the strong foundation that the Lord has blessed us with as He has used many people in our lives to teach us and to model for us what true love looks like as seen in a marriage. Our kids tell us we make marriage look easy, but we are reminding them often these days, as we help them learn to walk through their own relationships with others, that it isn’t always easy and that we have to constantly fight to love each other as we need to. And God has been very gracious to bless our efforts and grow our love for each other. And we see things all the time that we need to give attention to and be more disciplined in and grown more in, etc. etc. We’re looking forward to the next 16 years of growing older together!


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