It’s Been Hot!


The past month it has been very warm and extremely humid for our area. The humidity has made it very difficult to “do school”. The break up to Stockton was actually a relief due to the fact that there was little to no humidity, even though the temperatures got up to the 100’s during the day.

However, our kids have done AWESOME in being diligent to plug along in their school work and we were all so glad when Thursday afternoon arrived, because it meant we could put away the books (mostly) until Monday morning. We do a 4 day academic week with Friday being reserved for chorus and academy days (when they start up again in September) and for field trips and biology labs.

Yesterday, Emily and David had a biology lab trip in the morning. It was nice to get outside.

They had to gather pond water samples in glass jars and then observe, through sketching, their surroundings.



David and Matty were convinced they had a better vantage point for observing up in this tree.


After biology, we went home, grabbed some lunch and then loaded everyone up and headed to the beach. Oh . . . it was so cool and so very nice. The kids frolicked and I sat and just breathed deeply (when I wasn’t talking with a lady next to us whose grandson played with our kids or cooling off in the surf up to my knees).


Jonathan is either trying to “part the waters” or just expressing his utter enthusiasm for being at the beach. Not sure.


This guy was very entertaining as he was really getting his exercise while doing all kinds of amazing things with his frisbee. Can you see it?


This was Max, who really latched onto David. David is a GREAT big brother to Jonathan and it was fun to see that “funness” extend to this other little guy who most likely doesn’t get the chance to play with other “big guys”. We could hear Max squealing with delight all the way up on the sand where Em and I were sitting.


It was a VERY relaxing afternoon, and we stopped for McDonald’s sundaes on the way home!


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