Some Summer Projects


Before the summer vanishes completely, and we are going full-blown into our school year, I wanted to post some photos of some of the summer projects that the kids worked on.

This was a different kind of summer for us. We didn’t get to spend as much time with “school friends” as we have before or as we would have liked. Jonathan was in swim lessons about 5 weeks out of our 7 weeks off (which cut into our Friday beach days), Molly and Annie went to sewing camp (Molly blogged about that earlier), David and Emily and I went to CHEA (Christian Home Educators Association) – our homeschooling conference, I had jury duty (4 days), and before we knew it it was time to start school back up. We didn’t even get down to my mom’s to swim as much as we have in the past. It was a very different summer. And though we had fun, we are not sure yet still how we feel about it. We really missed some things.

But . . . another highlight was that David got to work with Scott Johnson  again (a man from our church) on a fun woodworking project:


David was able to borrow Scott’s hand sander and he enjoyed working a little on the project at home. He would love to own some of his own tools . .. we need to start now keeping our eyes open for some good used ones to begin building up his “tool box”.




The girls and I also got together with a lady from our church (Barbara Garrett) who opens her home once a month for people to bring their sewing projects to work on together. The girls and I were finally able to make one this summer and we brought a fun project that turned out GREAT!

I have a 1982 Bernina sewing machine that I inherited from my grandmother years ago. My mom and sister bought the girls a sewing machine this past Christmas. And THEN . . . someone at church gave (GAVE!!) us a sewing machine that they didn’t need. And so now we have 3 and it makes it much easier for all of us to sew. (Well, I didn’t sew, but I was needed to help out, so it was good. I doubt there will be many times when all 4 of us will be sewing at the same time.)


This was Annie’s first time to really have a machine to herself (outside of her sewing camp class) and she really enjoyed it and she did so well!


What did we make, you ask?

Well, they were these cute fabric covers for a composition-sized notebook with a pocket on the front for a pencil. We all had a wonderfully fun day! Thanks, Barbara!DSC_0034 I’m itching for when the days cool down and grow shorter. I’m itching for those dusky after-school hours before dinner when we set up the machines and work on Christmas gifts. Hmmmm . . . got to think of some ideas.

Earl and I are so incredibly grateful for the amazing people that the Lord has put in our children’s lives for them to learn from. How rich we are, and blessed indeed!


Barbara said…
Aww... thanks, Jan! And, my, that stool of David's--wonderful!

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