So Grateful!


Wow! Ever have one of those days where you just feel completely blessed? I just had one today.

The Lord blessed me over and beyond my expectation with an incredible amount of energy as well as blessing the work of my hands (It felt as if he slowed time or added more hours to my day!).

My plan was to paint one wall in the dining area today (the one with the shutters) . . . but my real painting day was going to be next weekend. I just thought, “Why not do a little and get a head start since we’re home? It’s a small job.”


But by lunch time I was done with that wall (and I didn’t even start till almost 10:30!), so I began to look at the other wall. Hmmm . . . (my poor husband)

Why not??


They were such good sports and so helpful too!

Annie and Jonathan loved having all the furniture and stuff moved around (I guess it looked like “adventure” or “excitement” to them. I actually got shot by nerf darts while making biscuits for dinner – they were enjoying all the crawl/hiding spaces!), and Molly helped me with the painting. It was true Team Miles in action today!

By 4:30 . . .all of the painting was finished! Whew!



We’ll put the shelf back up tomorrow after church and hopefully get all the room back in order before school on Monday. I can live with the “disorganization” for one night, I think.

While I was busy painting, Earl was busy in the garage hanging bikes, and organizing so the kids could actually have some “living space” out there. I don’t have any “before” photos, but this really is a HUGE improvement. I love my man!


I’m still in awe of all that was accomplished today . . . and I’m almost ready to call it a day.

Now next week . . . the real fun begins . . .

transforming our master bedroom into a haven. We’re going to use some money we got from our anniversary to buy some new window treatments, etc. and do some painting before getting the bed frame that belonged to my grandparents. Whoo hoo!

With all this work looming before me on my “to do” list, I was seriously wishing that someone would just show up on my door step ready to do it all for me, ‘cause I just couldn’t figure out when I was going to get it all done. But now . . . I’m so glad for the opportunity to have been able to do it myself and to work with Molly. I’m glad for the experience of seeing God bless on my behalf and overwhelm me with His goodness. No, I didn’t get any school work/planning/grading done today, and I know it won’t happen tomorrow either. But that’s ok. I’m trusting the Lord that He’ll make time for that as well.

He is so completely worthy of my trust . . . and adoration!


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