Tidbits of Life

I’m dropping my “baby” off tomorrow morning at a local high school to take the PSAT test. (Mixed emotions on this one.)


I’m still contending with tendonitis (since end of June). Just finished physical therapy and now trying to finish the healing process at home.


I sat with another of my “babies” in the barber shop today while he took care of getting his hair cut. He only needed me to get him there (well, and pay, of course).


We’ve been following the presidential debates (and vice presidential debates) and having lots of conversations in our home. It’s exhausting trying to stay informed and we’ll be glad when this season of political rhetoric is over and we hopefully can see some “promises” put into action.


Algebra 2, Biology and CA History . . . O my! We are 11 weeks into our school year and the kids are doing GREAT. This mom seems constantly exhausted this year (I’m sure it has nothing to do with being 46), but the kids are learning and having fun (I think). We are enjoying being back with our “Irvine friends” on Fridays and attending field trips and service projects and fun classes.


Annie is still “symptom free” of what we were finishing up contending with this time last year. She seems healthy and energetic and hasn’t suffered anything more than a runny nose in the last year. We may never know what all the “fatigue” and “nausea” were from.


We are looking forward to having Earl’s mom and sister out for Thanksgiving. I’m desperately trying to find time to finish up my painting projects in the house (right!). The trick is figuring out a way to “do school” and tear up the house to paint at the same time. Don’t think it can be done in one Saturday. I’m really wanting to work on the master bedroom where Earl and I can get away and be refreshed.We’ve bought two chairs, we’re looking for a small round table, my sister is passing along to me our grandparents’ bed frame that she isn’t using, I’m wanting to put up new window dressings, and design a “family wall” of black and white photos, etc. etc. I’ve had all these ideas swimming around in my head for over a year now . . . just need to make it happen.


Just felt the need to “touch base” . . . too busy to formulate any deep thoughts or lengthy posts these days. But hopefully I will get to that soon. Let me leave you with a few snapshots. Here is some of what is currently on the card in my camera . . . unedited.

(I love listening to Emily and the others practice their piano these days. Their selections of songs are beautiful to listen to.)


(We’ve been doing a lot of bike riding lately . . . )


(This is how I found Jonathan one morning while David was trying to practice his piano. He absolutely loves his older brother! And David gives him reason to.)


(David celebrated his 14th birthday this month with homemade cinnamon rolls and apple slices.)


(Above is his “nice” smile.)

(Below, is the inherited, mutated gene known as the “Miles smile”. Only he and his dad and his aunt can make it. We’re blessed to know these guys!)


(David was excited to try out his birthday gift from his sisters, especially since he had to wait 2 days for it to arrive in the mail.


(Can you tell what he got?)



(He has had a lot of fun target practicing in the back yard.)


(He thought this shot was “cool” because I caught the bullet in motion. Couldn’t do that again if I tried, I’m sure.)DSC_0062

(One happy dude!)



Peggy said…
Fun to hear! Thanks
Karen said…
Love your up-date here! What a precious family! You are a terrific Mom! Love you guys! Karen (in NC)

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