School “Shoot”

Group 2012


Well, today was the day.

We headed over to our local library (despite the rain), where I had noticed this cool wall this past summer. I thought it would make a great background for this year’s annual “school photos”.

For once, I didn’t “dress” my kids for the photo shoot. I only told them to wear their “favorite” clothes. I didn’t even try to coordinate them with each other. I just made sure no one was wearing a “print” which would clash with the wall background.

As usual . . . my children did not disappoint me with their crazy antics. Not sure I got “wall-worthy” shots of them all, but I was certainly entertained by them.

Here is my ever-crazy-love-him-so-much 14 year old . . . (takes after his father)


And here is my ever-so-goofy-can’t-get-enough-of-him 7 year old . . . (takes after his older brother)


Then . . .when you put these boys together you get all kinds of crazy-goofiness!


Our girls? Not so much goofiness for the camera here . . . but with the group, they had fun:


The above shots are all unedited from this afternoon (except for the first one of the group with the date). Will save the “final drafts” for a later post.

Now off to my REAL job . . .


Barbara said…
I LOVE them. (The kids and the photos, both!) You have a wonderful gift, my friend.
LOVE these photos! What a great idea to 'steal' their wall over there, and I love that you didn't all match! You're awesome.

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