Christmas 2012

Well, I knew our newsletter would be late this year, since I was still writing it the weekend before Christmas. But what I didn’t count on was our printer sucking up ink and not being able to finish printing them to send out this week. I just can’t bring myself to pay $50 on more ink just to print the newsletter, when we will need that ink for starting back up with school on the 7th. Next year, we’ll have to go with much less color, I guess. It’s too late to re-do it now and I’ve put too much time into it anyway to re-do it. Life needs to move on.

So, in the event that I can’t find another option for sending out the rest of the newsletters, I am going to try and post it here.

We sure hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, celebrating Jesus’ strength in our weakness (Boy, did this Christmas season sure expose my own personal weaknesses. I had much to rejoice about as I celebrated Jesus entering into humanity and responding to life from a fully human position, perfectly, on my behalf!)

Family Newsletter 2012Family Newsletter 2012 Pg

We love you all!


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