"One of My Horse Stories . . . . ."

   Molly here! Okay, so I've been writing one of my horse stories and I read it to Mom. She got really excited and said I HAD to post it on our blog. So after awhile I kind of forgot about it. But while I was 'proofreading' our newsletter for her, I saw that she hinted that I would be posting some of my stories on here.....what could I do?! So here is one of my horse stories that I like to write: 


                                                     Allie's Thunder
                                                                            By Molly E. Miles

   Allie led her horse over to the trailer and waited for the groom to open the door.
   “Hey, Allie!” Julie Gallard called. Allie turned towards her.
   “Thunder looks good!” Julie exclaimed. "Do you think he's ready for the show next month?”
   Allie laughed. “He might be ready, but I'm really nervous. Hey, how's Price? I know he's not used to the trailers yet.” Allie patted Thunder's neck. The big horse pranced excitedly. He was  dark brown with a thick black mane.
   “He's fine. We bribed him in with sugar cubes.”
   The groom tapped Allie on the shoulder. “The stall's ready, Allie."
   “Thanks, Oliver!”Allie led Thunder up the ramp and secured him to the cross ties. She quickly made sure there was enough food and then patted her horse goodbye. “Hey, Julie! Do you want to ride with me and my Dad?”
   “No thanks, we have to make a few errands before we head home. But thanks! See you at school!” Julie waved and then ran off to her own trailer.

   Allie hopped out of the truck and ran back to the trailer. Oliver opened the door and led Thunder out. “I can take him now, Oliver. Thanks!” Allie took the lead shank and led him over to the barn.
   “Hey, Jessie!” she called, leading Thunder over to his stall.
   A young groom looked up from cleaning a bridle. “Hey, Allie. How was camp?”
   Allie grinned. “Great! It was really fun!”
   Jessie put down the bridle and walked over. “I'll take care of Thunder. I think your mom wants to see you in the house.”
   “Thanks!” Allie ran off down the isle, stopping every now and then to say to hello to one of the horses.

   Allie clattered up the porch steps and burst into the house. “I'm home, Mom!”
A tall, thin woman hurried out of the kitchen drying her hands on a towel. “Hey, honey! How was camp?”
   Allie hugged her mom. “It was soo cool! I'm so glad I got to go!!”
   “Well, I'm glad you're home!” Mrs. Smith exclaimed.
   “Where's my Allie?!” a big booming voice called.
Mr. Smith swept Allie into his arms in a big hug.
   “Oh, Dad!!” Allie laughed.
   Mr. Smith set Allie down and relaxed on the couch. Julie popped her head in the door. “Hey, Allie. Mrs. Jegson wants us to come a little early today. I'm going to go ahead and head over. You want to join me?”
   “No thanks. I have something to do real quick. But I'll meet you there,” Allie replied.
   “Okay, bye!!”
   Allie turned to her mom and dad. “Did you want to talk to me?”
   Mrs. Smith sighed. “Your Dad and I don't have enough money to keep the ranch going. So, we'll have to make a few changes.”
   Allie stared at her parents. “What?! What about all the money we've been making from the breedings and all the events I've been winning with Thunder and Diamond?”
   Mr. Smith stood up and paced the room. “Well, the event purses aren't bringing in that much money. And breeding isn't all year round. Your mother and I have talked, and I've decided I'll hire myself out as a trainer.”
“But... but ...but what about all my friends, and Thunder and the other horses?”
    Mrs. Smith got up and put an arm about Allie's shoulders. “It'll be okay. Your Dad and I will figure things out,” Mrs. Smith soothed. “Now you had better get over to Mrs. Jegson's place."

   “Okay, Becky! You're next!” Mrs. Jegson instructed.
The other students sat on their horses and watched Becky as she cleared the jumps perfectly. Allie just couldn't concentrate. She was worried about the ranch and whether she would be able to keep Thunder.
   “ALLIE! You're up!” Mrs. Jegson's command cut into her thoughts.
Allie cleared the jumps horribly. Mrs. Jegson stood with her hands on her hips, a deep frown on her face.
   Allie hung her head.
   “What were you doing?! We have a show in less than a month!” Mrs. Jesgon shouted.
Allie dismounted and led Thunder over to the group.
   Julie walked over. “What's up? You were terrible!”
   “I'll tell you later!” Allie huffed. “I'll see you tomorrow.” Allie tugged Thunder's reins and led him off.
   “Allie! The class isn't over yet! Where are you going?!” Julie cried, running after her.

   Allie ran up the stairs and into her room. “Allie? Is something wrong?” Mrs. Smith yelled from the bottom of the stairs.
   All the reply she got was the slam of the bedroom door.

   The dinner table was quiet that night. Allie kept her eyes on her plate as she ate. Mr. Smith folded his newspaper and laid it gently on the table beside him. “Allie, we need to talk about something.”
   Allie didn't look up.
   “Mr. and Mrs. Gallard have offered to buy the ranch,” Mr. Smith continued. 'Your mother and I have been talking, and . . . we've decided to except the offer.”
   Allie sighed. “I guess we'll be moving soon.”
   Mrs. Smith smiled, “You forget your own friend's last name! For it is Julie's family that bought the ranch. Also, they offered we stick around to help a little. Your father will be their new trainer.”
   Allie leaped up. “Really?! We get to stay?!”
“Yes!” Mr. Smith laughed.

   Allie lay on her bed, joyful again. She made a mental note to apologize to Julie. She was just so upset that everything was going bad. First, they were moving, and second she messed up on her round. But now, now she was happy.
   Allie stared at the wall. Suddenly, she had an urge to go and look out the window. She crawled out of bed and padded over to the window. She parted the curtains and looked out.
   A full moon rose over the ranch, casting a warm, cheerful glow.
Allie smiled. Everything was going to be fine.


   Hope you liked that. I really enjoyed writing it. I actually started it during a homeschool convention we were at. I was kind of bored. If you have any tips, I'd like to know what they are. Thank You!


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