Cowgirl Up!



Meet Romeo. Molly’s newest friend.

He is a part Welsh & quarter horse pony.

Molly has been wanting to have “horse riding lessons” for quite awhile now. That is just not in our budget of money or time. But we have been visiting the equestrian center by our home and just soaking up as much “horse” as we can.

Well, this very desirous horse lover only asked for money for horse lessons this past Christmas and her aunts kindly helped out.

Molly had her first of four lessons yesterday.

First, she learned how to groom Romeo before taking him out.


Once Romeo was ready to go, it was time for Molly to “hop right on”.


I know. “Cowgirl up!” is a western phrase. Molly is actually learning from an English riding school. I’m still confused on the differences, except for, I think John Wayne probably rode western style and the Queen probably rides English style. Oh yeah, and the English-style riders don’t get to wear the cool cowboy hats and cowboy boots. Molly can really fill you in on the “real” differences and she’d be glad to, trust me. She has been very patient with me as I pepper her with questions!

Once in the arena, Molly learned to steer Romeo with the reins and with her legs while walking her. She learned the two-point position (for balance, when they jump), and she learned how to post while Romeo trotted (that’s that fancy little bounce the rider does which is much harder than it looks).


Before we knew it, it was time to head back to the barn.

We’re looking very much forward to lesson #2 next week!


Happy trails, my friends!


SevenPilgrims said…
It was SOOO much fun. But now I'm really sore!:) Horseback riding is so much fun!;)

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