Mmmm . . . it’s smelling so good!


Today, Emily had a friend over and they cooked a delicious dinner for us. I can’t remember the name, but I’m smelling garlic and onion . . . !

(David had a friend over too and they did boy stuff. Except when there was food to be tried.)

The girls had such a blast! And they even cooked with wine. Definitely something new for Em.

It was good for Ems, as she learned a lot of “skills” that I just don’t always take the time to teach her. But I’m sure she is exhausted about now. She is in there frying up the last of the chicken. (My stomach is growling!)

They also cooked up some kale . . . dipped in oil and sprinkled with salt. That too was delicious! (Yep, the boys helped “put it away”.)

Thanks to Molly for helping to take some photos with her camera, while mine is in the shop.



It looked like everyone had a really fun time!

I know they will be sad to see “Christmas break” come to an end on Monday.


Bekka said…
Too fun!!
Allison Pyle said…
So glad you guys enjoyed it!

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