Laughter is Good Medicine-Edited!

And we get plenty of it in our home!

Here are some quick anecdotes of humor from our home over the past few days:

From Emily's blog:
Jonathan came up to me this morning and announced rather proudly that he had succeeded in unscrewing his doorknob (partially). He then proceeded to say:
"I bet you wouldn't think of something like that!"

My response: "Well...I might, but I probably wouldn't do it..."

"You're just chicken."

"No, I just like my things to stay intact."

"Pshaw, you girls. You like order."

Then, this morning during our family time, Earl had us all turn to Luke 8:26. Some of the kids like to shout out the "passage heading" when they find it, and this morning Jonathan shouted out, "The Democrat healed!" We all busted up laughing when we saw the proper heading - "The Demoniac healed".
(This was so funny to us, because our kids misread words all the time when they are young and it just sometimes has funny results. Please understand that we do not believe that Democrats are equivalent to demoniacs! That would not be a biblical perspective.)

During our geography time today, we were watching some videos of the Markhor goat that lives in the mountains of northern Pakistan. They wanted me to play this one last video, but I said, "Naw, it says it's about the goats rutting [mating]." 

Then Molly very seriously said, "But there won't be any kissing in it." 

This just struck me as very funny and we all had a good laugh! (We actually went ahead and watched it and she was right - there wasn't any kissing in it.)


Bekka said…
Hahaha! I love those family moments. So priceless! <3

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