More Horse Photos

Molly has had 2 more lessons since our last posting. She has one more to complete her “4 lesson deal” we got through Groupon. She is loving it! (Thank you, Aunt Sonya!)

Yesterday was a beautiful day, though windy, which made for frisky ponies. At one point, while Molly was leading her pony, Romeo, out to the mounting block, he was startled by a blowing & noisy plastic bag and tried to bolt the other direction. But Molly held firm to the reins – for which I was glad, since he was going to run back towards ME! (I’m not as brave around horses as Molly is.) She rocked!

Lesson 3 (18)-copyLesson 3 (38)-copyLesson 3 (64)-copy2nd Lesson (48)-copyLesson 3 (24)-copyLesson 3 (109)-copy


Bekka said…
That looks like she is having a lot of fun! =)

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