House Guests and Adventures

We have had the privilege of having the daughter of some friends stay with us while they are in Guatemala for some training. She has fit so well into our family's routine and she has helped us to have some new and fun adventures as well. Her parents are missionaries to Cambodia and she was born over there. Since we live so close to Little Saigon, and since it fit so well with our geography studies lately, we have ventured over there a few times at her request.

First, David and Molly and Emily and I went with her to a Vietnamese restaurant for our first adventure. On our way in, we met a "beggar" who tried to give us pieces of red yarn which would ward off evil spirits in exchange for food or money. So sad.

David ordered some dish which included veggies, beef, shrimp, and squid on a bed of crispy noodles.

 Emily ordered a Vietnamese omelet.

 I went safe with egg rolls (I've been craving them forever!).

We then went and explored some statues nearby of Confucius and some "other guys" who reminded us of the Chinese terra cotta warriors.

Then today, was the really fun adventure! We went and hung out at the Asian Mall. We mainly went for dessert, but ended up trying some new foods as well . . . which Soriya happily purchased for us to try.
Soriya bought these and we were fascinated by them, but she couldn't tell us what they were. They looked like little presents! We had a tough time getting into them, but when we did, they looked less than appetizing to most of us, especially since Soriya couldn't tell us exactly what was inside. (Susan??)

This was Jack fruit, which tasted sweet, but not as sweet as, say Mango. But it was good. We brought this home.
 These were quail eggs and they tasted just like chicken eggs. The kids enjoyed these the most.

 This was a "sesame seed ball" and it tasted interesting. The dough didn't have much taste to me and there was squash in the middle (at least that's what Soriya said it was).

 This was banana fried in some sort of batter. It was ok. Emily obviously didn't care for it, but she and David were so good about trying most of the food.

 THIS . . . was a snail. Yep. Soriya and Emily and David ate snails. The rest of us weren't brave enough to try them. But we really enjoyed watching the others eat them. I was so proud of Emily and David (and SO relieved when they didn't throw it up right there in the mall!).

 You stick this stick in the shell, pull out the snail, and pop it in your mouth. Soriya kept telling E & D, "Don't look at it. 
Just eat it!"

 This was the most favorite place . . . ice cream cones and Icees!

What an absolutely fun time we've had. 
Thanks, Soriya!


Bekka said…
Wow!! Too fun! What great adventures and I love Soriya stretching you guys. =]

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