All Because Two People Fell in Love . . .

So, I have been working on a project for our master bedroom. It involves putting up black and white photos of our kids from their “very young” days. I’ve been scanning and editing them so that Earl and I can go through them together and choose which ones we like. Each of these photos evoke tremendous memories and emotions for us. How blessed we are!

Thought you might enjoy taking a look at what I’ve got so far . . .


Here is Emily:

Emily (1)Emily (5)Emily (6)Emily (7)Emily (8)Emily (9)Emily (10)Emily (11)

Here is David:

David (1)David (2)David (3)David (4)DavidLeoDavidEarlDavid

Here is Molly:

100_1659Molly (1)Molly (2)Molly (3)

Here is Annie:

100_1667Annie (1)Annie (2)Annie (3)

Here is Jonathan:

Jonathan (1)Jonathan (2)Jonathan (3)Jonathan

And . . . here are some “group” shots:

100_1482100_4199100_4948Photo Project (4)Photo Project (7)Troll Face0002Troll Face0003wall project (2)wall project (3)wall project (4)


Karen Bruce said…
So precious! Thanks for sharing, Jan!
SevenPilgrims said…
You probably remember a lot of those faces, Karen! We miss you guys.

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