Joshua Tree

We desperately were in need of a day of respite. Not just a day to get away from the books, but a day to get completely away from the house together. We couldn’t really swing being gone for more than a day right now, but we could do a “day trip”. Some friends from church (about 4 families) were going to be in Joshua Tree National Park on Thursday awaiting more families who were going to camp through the weekend. We decided to drive out Thursday morning a spend the day with our friends. It was a 3 hour drive out there. We visited for about 4-5 hours and then headed back home. It was a gorgeous day!





These are friends our kids have grown (are growing) up with. I LOVE that we all get opportunities like this to make memories!!

Now we’re ready to take on a week of standardized testing!!

(Thanks to Diana Urbina for sharing some of her photos with us!)


Peggy said…
Thanks for the pictures! Praying that your week goes very well.
Joy said…
Very fun, wish I could have been there! I'm glad you guys were able to go for the day.

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