Our Spring Babies

Molly was the second of our spring babies . . .born on March 23. This year she turned 12! We had a fun time celebrating with family.

It started with the traditional “breakfast of choice”. Molly chose our family’s favorite egg casserole dish (and Daddy snuck in some donut holes).


Molly used birthday money from us and some she had saved and replaced her Kindle with a new one. It came early – much to her fervent praying!

(Mom is dropping not so subtle hints these days in hopes of getting her own Kindle for Mother’s Day.)


Since Molly’s birthday fell on a Saturday, we spent the morning at Home Depot and then planting in the back yard. We planted some peppers, a blackberry bush, and some snap beans.


Grandma came over for dinner and then we got to open presents.


Happy birthday, Miss Molly!


Jonathan was the third of our spring babies . . .born April 26th. Today he turned 8!

Last night, Jan’s mom and sister came over for an early birthday dinner.



Though dinner was right on time, Jonathan was “starving” and couldn’t wait to eat (because presents came after dinner . . . !).


Finally the presents!


Then it was out back to roast some marshmallows and enjoy some coffee (for the adults).



This morning, his actual birthday, began with his requested homemade cinnamon rolls, fruit and juice.



Then we were off for our Academy Day and a field trip to Krispy Kreme!


Happy birthday, Little Man!


Wondering who our FIRST spring baby is? Well, the big 1-6 comes next month and so they get their own post. (I’m way too young to have a 16 yr old!!)


Bekka said…
Too fun! I love his reaction to getting Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs! lol!

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