Early Bird Gets the Worm

Or rather, the early riser sees the squirrel!

While having my devotions this morning, look what I saw out my bedroom window -

squirrel (2)

“Hey! Pssst! You in there . . . can you throw me some seeds?

squirrel (6)squirrel (10)squirrel (1)

I’ve seen squirrels in Fountain Valley before, but usually at the parks. Never in my back yard. Hmmm . . . first strange lizards, now squirrels. What next?!

(Those children still sleeping at 6:30 who missed our visitor, are hoping that “he” comes back. I, with my knowledge of their habits, am torn. I did shoo him away this morning and will not encourage him in any way. But our garden and food sources are seemingly attractive to him.)


Joy said…
Hah! That is funny, I like your narration of the conversation between the squirrel and rabbit. =)

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