Thursday, July 18, 2013

Early Bird Gets the Worm

Or rather, the early riser sees the squirrel!

While having my devotions this morning, look what I saw out my bedroom window -

squirrel (2)

“Hey! Pssst! You in there . . . can you throw me some seeds?

squirrel (6)squirrel (10)squirrel (1)

I’ve seen squirrels in Fountain Valley before, but usually at the parks. Never in my back yard. Hmmm . . . first strange lizards, now squirrels. What next?!

(Those children still sleeping at 6:30 who missed our visitor, are hoping that “he” comes back. I, with my knowledge of their habits, am torn. I did shoo him away this morning and will not encourage him in any way. But our garden and food sources are seemingly attractive to him.)

1 comment:

Joy said...

Hah! That is funny, I like your narration of the conversation between the squirrel and rabbit. =)

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