It’s a ‘Real Poser”!


This is my new phrase. I’ve been enjoying reading some Agatha Christy Mysteries this summer for the Adult Reading Program at the library. (Got to be a good example, right?) I came across it the other night and Earl and I got a chuckle out of the English expression. And I have found much use for it lately.

For instance, trying to fit all of our subjects into but a few hours a day . . . it’s a real poser! I can fit time for the kids to complete the assignments, but can’t seem to work in time needed to instruct and go over the assignments. See? It’s a real poser!

Here is just the first page of the schedule that I’ve been trying and trying to tweek this morning. And it still needs tweeking! It’s not even close to being ready.


Part of the poser, is that the hours after lunch are sketchy at best. They often get interrupted with appointments, errands, or the most frustrating . . . my energy will just quit and I have no choice but to lie down to take the edge off of the extreme exhaustion. And there goes the day. That is our constant challenge. As hard as I try, those hours are the first to feel any sign of strain. And those subjects are the most FUN for us – history and science (with some writing snuck in)!

Earl asked me this morning, is there anything we can cut out? Hmmm . . .yes, that is a poser, isn’t it? It all looks good and beneficial. Thank goodness we have had a vision since Em started schooling: Major on the basics, teach them to be learners, and trust that they will fill in the gaps later on their own as they need to. So, after thinking through this recent poser, and praying for wisdom, we have decided to not pursue Latin this year with our 3 younger ones. It is much more beneficial that they grow in their math, grammar, and writing skills, then that they learn Latin (though they do enjoy it). We have found some space to sneak in some fun “logic puzzles” this year in place of a formal art curriculum. They will get art in their history and science lessons and they really enjoy the challenge of these fun logic puzzles, especially when we work as a group to solve them. It changes up the monotony of the schedule a little.

Perhaps, figuring out your schedule and fitting everything in is a poser for you as well. Maybe it’s a personal schedule. Maybe it’s a schooling schedule like ours. Whatever it is, may we all be diligent to work through this poser and seek to use our time wisely and to do all to the glory of God. He has given us all we need – including enough hours in the day to accomplish all He asks of us. May He also grant us much grace to think outside the box in maximizing our hours.

Take your posers to Him, dear gentle reader!


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