Wonders Never Cease


Some days in our home and just “same old, same old”.

Then there are days like yesterday.


I looked out my kitchen window and saw this lizard sunning on our patio. It did not look like the cute little lizards we see on our wall sometimes.

“What is THAT???!”

Everyone came running to the window to see where I was pointing. By the time I got back with my camera, it was gone. We figured it had just ducked under this big pot we had.

“Should we catch it?”

“Yes! I don’t want it running around loose in our back yard. We need to find out what it is and whether it is poisonous or not.”

“Well, who’s going to catch it?”

We all looked at David. (Who was more than game!)

I ordered everyone back inside since they had all gone outside to peer under the pot to see if they could see it. I had visions of this thing flying out and latching onto the throat of one of my babies. (I know, I know . . . a little dramatic. But I am definitely not one of the reptile-loving’ types.)

David asked if Molly could come and help him tilt the pot back. (This part cracks me up, because by the time Molly had run to the kitchen window, it had gone under the pot, and she had NO IDEA what it looked like or what she was getting herself into.)


I wish you could have seen Molly’s face right about now. Afterwards, she said, “O Wow! I saw it’s paw (yes, she said paw) and was like, that is like no lizard I have EVER seen before. What IS that??” (David and I and Earl were amazed that she didn’t drop the pot!)


David said later he was afraid it’s tail was going to come off in its effort to escape, and he thought how cool to have a lizard tail as a memento of this adventure.

But he was able to get him into a container we had (left over from our pet frog who just expired).


We then made a quick trip over to Prehistoric Pets to ask them about this little dinosaur we had just found.


We learned that this was a “cool lizard” and would make a very good pet. (swallow) They said it was someone’s pet which somehow made it into our backyard. It belongs to the genus Uromastyx and is an herbivore (yay! no crickets!!).

After getting home, we learned it is native to northern Africa and India.

The plan? Well we put a “found” ad on Craig’s List and we put up flyers in our neighborhood. I would be very surprised if someone came to claim it. But at the same time I am very curious to know how long this little guy has been gone and how far he traveled. We “just happened” to pick up a 20 gallon glass aquarium at a garage sale for $5 a couple of Saturdays ago. We just need to buy a lid ($20) and a heat lamp ($30). Anyone local have one lying around?! I told the boys that if no one claims it, they could keep it. (The people at the pet store were super impressed that we happened to find him. Jealous? They didn’t offer to buy him though. Hmmmm . . . )


Not sure what is more amazing . . .

The fact that we found this in our backyard, or

that I’m willing to have a reptile living in my home, with my children, and I can sleep at night.

Truly, wonders never cease!


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