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Well, the day finally came!

Emily has just spent her first night at the camp that she saved so hard to get to. We drove her up to Master’s College in Santa Clarita and got her all settled in. The “welcome” we all received was very friendly, quite exuberant, and – to be honest - a little over-whelming for us “newbies”. We are all very excited to hear how Emily’s time is going there. Earl and I will drive back up Friday morning (early!) and sit through the morning sessions with her and then bring her home after the closing program. It’s about a hour and a half drive – with no traffic.

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Emily was paired up with a roommate who is about her same age and who is also attending her first camp. She seemed very sweet. The rooms were small, but cute. I think Em is going to have a blast!

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We left Em to get settled in and acquainted with Kayla more and on our way out they had a mailbox set up for writing letters to the campers. All of us wrote a short note for Em. Mine said:  Roses are red, violets are blue, we’re expecting God to do big things through you! (I had already written her a long letter and tucked it into her bag before she left.)

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If you’d like, you can send her an email. Just email me and I’ll give you the address. They will print and deliver the emails daily.

Also, if you’d like to see some photos from the camp, here is the link:  Camp Photos. They are updating them daily.

Also, if you want to see there promotional video, you can go HERE.

This was something that Emily heard about a few years ago, and said she really wanted to do. When we heard how much it was, we were a little skeptical, knowing that there was “no way” we as her parents could afford to send her. But she quietly kept her determination, kept mentioning she was saving for it, etc. until about 4 months ago when she came and said she needed to send in her application. So, we sat down and talked seriously. She had saved about $500 from Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, allowance, selling jewlery she makes, gifts from relatives . . . anything that came in, she saved as much as she could! We applied for a scholarship and she was awarded $150! So, we gave our blessing, sent in the application, and she is now hopefully having “The best week of her life!” (That was the motto written all over the dorm hallways.)

Our Em has grown up a lot in the last 2 years. I’m not sure I’m ready just yet to let go in the ways that I will need to physically, but I see it coming up fast and the LORD is being so gentle in helping me prepare for that time, by giving me little increments of “letting go” with which to “practice”. I know I will blunder my way through, but I’m so grateful for the fathomless depths of wisdom and grace that I find in walking with Jesus.

And you  know what? I see Him preparing her too. And that is of great comfort!


Peggy said…
I would have emailed...but have fallen behind on my blog reading. So glad to hear it went well!

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