Saturday, August 31, 2013

Civil War Days

What do you do when you are in the middle of a heat wave?
Why, you drive thru Taco Bell and pick up some dollar drinks and then you head to Central Park for the annual Civil War Days.

 Look who we ran into . . .!

 We listened to him give the Gettysburg Address.

Just couldn't resist shooting this guy from the back.

What a really fun day!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Another Homegoing

Earl and I stood by the bedside yesterday of a very dear friend. He has days (hours?) left of his journey in this world. It was a sweet time, though our hearts grieved at not being able to experience the love of Jesus through him again in this life. We also grieved to see him in such discomfort.

There is a song that I love that has applied to only a few men that I've known in this life. Earl is one of them. Joel Towler is another.

The chorus has been running through my mind all this morning as we wait word that Joel's journey is finally over and he is now safely home.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How Will I Know?

Over the past 17 years, I have been asked by young ladies, "Mrs. Miles, how did you know that Mr. Miles was the 'right' one?"

I realize that there are many factors that go into determining "Mr. Right". And there were for me as well. And deciding on WHO is Mr. Right is very different from deciding WHEN it is the "right"/time (to get married).

But there is one thing that stands out in my mind as being a very clear "deciding factor" for me. My relationship with Earl, from the very beginning, caused me to be in awe of all that God was, to love Jesus more, and it fueled my passion to worship Him in all that I did and said and pursued. My love relationship with Earl actually grew my love for the Lord, instead of competing with it. Our conversations about God and the Word and what He was teaching us and doing in us, were not just "dutiful conversations" that we had to make sure we had because we were Christians seeking a Christian marriage, but they were frequent and spontaneous conversations that happened because they were part of who we were and we desired to share ourselves with each other.

And yes, thanks to Earl's leadership in our marriage, I am stronger in my faith today, than I was 17 years ago. I am more skilled in applying the Gospel to myself and my children and others the Lord allows me to encourage. And Earl and I still talk spontaneously about all that the Lord means to us and is doing in us.

And yes . . . just like I did the night before we wed . . . I still often cry as we pray together and I reflect on the incredible goodness of my God who delights to meet the desires of my heart above and beyond all that I could ever ask for.

I'm lovin' life with Earl.

I'm blessed to tears by the Lord who has given me Earl!
Jesus truly is my good. I have nothing besides Him!

Just something to think about, young ladies, as you dream towards marriage.


Thursday, August 08, 2013

Let the Good Times Roll!

Good times.

How do YOU define them?

Looking through my “biblical worldview lens” I define them as “times designed and sent my way by an always-good God who always has my good and happiness in mind”.

So, let the good times roll!

After posting about needing to get a schedule written for school (July 16th), I suffered a very painful and debilitating neck/shoulder issue by the next evening, which pretty much ended my summer. . . as well as my plans for getting ready to start school. Three days after that, my mom suffered a small stroke. Thankfully, it was a small stroke and she is fine and living back at home alone, but it was scary and meant a week (seemed like a month!) of getting her set up with doctor’s visits, lots of phone calls and texts, rearranging plans here at the house, and falling into bed exhausted from it all. (So thankful for my amazing husband and kiddos who really shine during these times!)

But start school we did. This past Monday, the 5th.

Let me catch you up on a few summer photos before getting into the “school posts”.

The four younger kids bought boards this summer with some gift money and had a few days of fun with them. Hopefully we can fit in some more when it gets really hot here soon.

DSC_0033 (2)DSC_0037 (2)DSC_0040 (2)DSC_0050DSC_0085DSC_0104

We participated in, but didn’t win THIS year, in our church’s first chili-cookoff. But it was so fun and we really think we came up with a winning recipe. Just a little tweaking for next year. The competition is really tough!


Molly found another Groupon for horse lessons . . . DSC_0047


We brought Emily home from Worldview camp and got to hear all her exciting stories (looks like she is already hankering for next year’s camp!):

DSC_0011Worldview Academy Camp 2013

Our spider continued to be found in surprising places. You never know where it will turn up next . . .


We really loved having some dear new friends over again for dinner and learning from all of their life experiences and getting encouraged and inspired from their lives!


We enjoyed a few more days at Grandma’s swimming in her “resort” pool:


Emily and Molly got their hair cut:


David had fun rigging a “harness” for Thorn and taking him for walks and showing him off to young friends who visited:



Well, that looks like all the “events” I photographed this summer. It went quick and I didn’t take my camera everywhere, knowing that I had no time to edit, etc. (It is less fun for me to post photos that I don’t have the time to creatively edit.)


Last Friday, the Lord finally brought relief to my neck/shoulder issues through the use of some radial traction therapy at home (after 16 days of exhausting pain). I’m having to use the computer very sparingly and watch my reading and writing positions. That’s hard to do! Earl has me set up with a stool for my laptop, a special chair and an extra keyboard – all to help the neck keep from getting strained again.

My Mom is doing well and I call out there every day to check on her. The kids and I are going to head back out there to swim tomorrow.

Yesterday, Earl took on the role of “teacher” using the plans I left him and told me to take the day to work more on getting ready for the year. It was very sweet of him and I think he really enjoyed getting to see first hand all that the kids are working on this year:


Yep. Good times.

Because I am walking through this life with a good God. Scary at times? Yes. But He holds my hand and reassures me with His promises, like a good Father does. Painful at times? Yes. But He reminds me that He is there even in my pain and gives the grace to endure until He says “enough”. Exhausting at times? Indeed! Yet He refreshes me time and time again in small and unexpected ways.

Praying you are knowin’ good times as well!

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