How Will I Know?

Over the past 17 years, I have been asked by young ladies, "Mrs. Miles, how did you know that Mr. Miles was the 'right' one?"

I realize that there are many factors that go into determining "Mr. Right". And there were for me as well. And deciding on WHO is Mr. Right is very different from deciding WHEN it is the "right"/time (to get married).

But there is one thing that stands out in my mind as being a very clear "deciding factor" for me. My relationship with Earl, from the very beginning, caused me to be in awe of all that God was, to love Jesus more, and it fueled my passion to worship Him in all that I did and said and pursued. My love relationship with Earl actually grew my love for the Lord, instead of competing with it. Our conversations about God and the Word and what He was teaching us and doing in us, were not just "dutiful conversations" that we had to make sure we had because we were Christians seeking a Christian marriage, but they were frequent and spontaneous conversations that happened because they were part of who we were and we desired to share ourselves with each other.

And yes, thanks to Earl's leadership in our marriage, I am stronger in my faith today, than I was 17 years ago. I am more skilled in applying the Gospel to myself and my children and others the Lord allows me to encourage. And Earl and I still talk spontaneously about all that the Lord means to us and is doing in us.

And yes . . . just like I did the night before we wed . . . I still often cry as we pray together and I reflect on the incredible goodness of my God who delights to meet the desires of my heart above and beyond all that I could ever ask for.

I'm lovin' life with Earl.

I'm blessed to tears by the Lord who has given me Earl!
Jesus truly is my good. I have nothing besides Him!

Just something to think about, young ladies, as you dream towards marriage.



Pink Roses said…
Thank you, Mrs. Miles, for sharing! It is a blessing to see how God has answered prayers for you and to see the precious family He has blessed you with! Much love, Mrs. Bruce (Karen)
Abby said…
I've been so out of touch, and not kept up with blogging or reading blogs, and sat down tonight to catch up! I need to catch up with you! Since I saw you last March, oh my goodness, the Lord has taken me through the most difficult year of my life YET, I am pretty sure! One thing is for sure, I can't imagine going through it without my best friend on this earth. I know God has blessed you with the same thing, and I'll never forget the day I saw you two meet for the first time! How has it been that long ago? wow, time flies! Even if this year for me has seemed like 10 years long!!!!! Miss you, we need to catch up!

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