47 Years of Faithfulness

As I was driving home the other night after dinner with a friend, it was one of those times where I was filled with gratefulness. The night was warm, very warm. I drove with the window down and sang along to all of my favorite songs, in an attempt to express the joy and gratefulness that just kept growing stronger with each sung lyric.

"I'm still feeling fine, after all this time, I'm feeling mighty fine today. Every day I climb just a little bit higher, walking up the King's Highway. I still want to go where the milk n' honey flow, and I'm not going to change my mind. Happy on this journey and I'm still feeling mighty fine."

"You put a song in my soul and I want to let out, the Spirit in my heart just makes me want to shout!"

"Great is Thy faithfulness, O God my Father. There is no shadow or changing with You!"

I have had the wonderful experience of watching the Lord Jesus fulfill His promises to me over and over again for the past 47 years! I wouldn't trade places with anyone right now. Seriously. 
Just truly grateful for where the Lord has me and all He has blessed me with.

My husband is amazing. He is everything I need in a husband. He loves the Lord Jesus passionately, he loves people, and he loves me so well - in word and in deed! Together we get to walk through this life talking, figuring out things, laughing, pondering, adventuring, and smooching.

And our kids . . . where do I begin? I so much enjoy being with them these days. They too make me laugh and I enjoy talking with them. Yes, we have our days, but thankfully we keep short accounts and they are quick to forgive this floundering (and aging) sinner!

For my birthday this month, I started the day off with my mom and my sister at a doctor's appointment for my mom and then we headed out to a delicious lunch of Mexican food! 

Later that evening, Earl and the kids and I headed down to the wetlands for a twilight stroll and then zoomed to the frozen yogurt shop for some dessert.

Yep, 47 years of finding the Lord to be faithful as I see Him keep His promises to me over and over again. 
And that is very helpful these days.

Because, although I wouldn't trade places with anyone right now, the Lord has me in some "difficult places".

One of my favorite Bible stories is when young David is standing before King Saul and is asked why he thinks he can fight Goliath when all of Saul's soldiers are afraid. David replies that God gave him the strength and ability to kill the lion and the bear when protecting the sheep and this Philistine, who is taunting the Lord's name, shall be no different. David had a lifetime of watching God give him what he needed to encourage him that God would continue to give him what he needed.

So, though I really enjoy my hours of sleep each night, my body has decided that it would like to be awake and up for 2 hours a night. I usually sleep for a few hours, then wake up with RLS (restless leg syndrome) and have to get up and head out front for an hour or so. I spent two weeks researching everything I could to eliminate this. I tried everything within reason - and some things without. I finally am resigned to this new season and my body is actually adjusting. When Jesus says it's enough, it will be enough. 

And in the meantime, I will continue to eat what I need to (foods that increase Dopamine production are recommended) and trust that my Lord is not allowing anything to come my way that isn't ultimately going to be used for my good. And I'm trusting that the Lord will give me exactly what I need to get through the day tomorrow. He gives to His beloved, even in her sleep - He doesn't specify a certain number hours for His promise to be effective.

So, here at 2am, I can testify that His grace is enough. His faithfulness has been proven to me over and over again. We will come out on the other side victorious!

Here is to 47 more years!



Peggy said…
Happy Birthday Friend!

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