Giving it back!

I have always enjoyed "messing" with our kids, in a fun way.
And it delights me to still have a "young one" (8 yrs. old) who still plays along.

I'm learning though, that the season is changing. 
I still love "messing" with my kids,
except now, 
some of them are starting to give it right back.

Case in point:

We have a much-loved rabbit whose hutch can be seen from the master bedroom window. Each of our kids have an assigned day where they are responsible for checking Midnight's food and water and letting him out each morning. Occasionally, I will notice that Midnight is still in his hutch and has been forgotten.

This morning's conversation:

Me: Did you remember all of your chores this morning?
David: Um . . . (thinking) . . . I forgot to feed Midnight.
Me (with a completely straight face): Honey, do you know how distressing it is for me to hear him sobbing in his hutch because he has not been let out yet?
Emily (from another room, shouting): Mom, do you know how distressing it is for us to know that you're hearing Midnight sobbing??

This is where I live.
And I'm LOVING it!!!


DeeDee said…
Sammi and I had a nice laugh over this! Too funny!
Joy said…
Heaven help us...your children have inherited your wit! =O Haha, I love it.

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