His Eye is On the Sparrow

. . . as well as on the Pacific Golden Plover!

(I am home this Sunday morning with Jonathan who has a sore throat, though his fever broke sometime last night. Earl and I flipped a coin to see who would get to go to church and who would have to stay home. As always, Earl won the toss. He always wins. I’m going to have to check that coin he always insists on using! But . . . here I am with time to blog a little of what I’ve been meditating on lately.)

Getting back to the Pacific Golden Plover. Molly, Annie and Jonathan and I have really been enjoying studying zoology this year. We just finished learning all about birds. While studying the migration of certain birds, we were introduced to this cool bird. It spends the fall and winter on the Hawaiian Islands and then migrates north across the Pacific in the spring to Alaska or Siberia (about 2,000 miles!) or it heads south to New Zealand (about 8,000 miles!). Our textbook said that this bird migrates over water the entire way without stopping. In fact, it appears that this bird does not swim.

Can you imagine the Creator creating a bird that He specifically designed to migrate thousands of miles across water and then not giving it the ability to swim? I can. But I also can picture myself in the place of that little plover. I’d be the one on the shore, trembling as my time for departure drew near, pleading with my Creator not to make me fly across that ocean, just sure I wasn’t going to be able to make it and would perish in the sea.

God has used this little bird to encourage me. He has invited me to “consider His handiwork” and to learn more about Him and His promises. He reminds me that just as His eye is on the sparrow and the rest of His non-human creatures, so His eye is on me. And even more so! His promises to me are “precious and magnificent”! When I feel afraid of the road in front of me, and fear that I won’t “get across”, He reminds me that He has promised never to leave me or forsake me. He reminds me of the little Plover and that He has given me everything I need to undertake what He has asked me to do . .. in fact, what He has DESIGNED me to do.

We have identified a sweet little bird who has been frequenting our backyard every day. It is the Black Phoebe. Can’t get a good photo of him (her?) yet, but it is a flycatcher and a song bird. Every time I see it, immediately I think,

Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they?          Matthew 6:26


I love that our Creator gives us so much right around us to consider. What are you considering these days that draws your heart closer to Him?


Earl Miles said…
Oh, we could be more 'bird-brained' in our view of life ... to the glory of God of course! Great post!

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