Talented . . . or Just Silly?

The days are getting shorter and it's getting darker earlier. These are some of my favorite times. I used to especially love these days when the kids were all younger. Between the hours of 4-6pm, while I was working on chores and dinner, we would put on a radio drama or audio book and they would color or we had a favorite PBS show "Jakers" that we all loved to watch. We would giggle and the house just seemed so cozy and fun.

Now, the kids are older and "Jakers" is not longer on PBS in the US and we have worn out all of our audio books, etc. So, how are they spending these cozy afternoons now?

Well, those that weren't doing homework yesterday, pursued their interests and talents in some creative ways. Click on David's picture on the right to see what he posted last night.

Or follow this link.


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