Was that a Compliment?

I think I was just complimented this afternoon by my 8 year old.

We were working on our writing assignment. The lesson was teaching us how to trade out those boring "to be" verbs for some more exciting and flashy action verbs. We were given a sentence where we then crossed out the "to be" verbs and then thought creatively on how to rearrange the words left and add some new really great ones. Molly and Annie and Jonathan and I were really wracking our brains to come up with some good sentences. But it was hard.

At one point, I had just finished helping to guide them through the process and we came up with a GREAT sentence, whereupon Jonathan exclaimed in his excitement at what he was part of producing,

 "I'm going to come to YOU for advice. You should live on a mountain!"

Boy, moments like that, where you see your kid's excitement over learning and accomplishing things, make this tough business of homeschooling our kids so worth it. So worth it!


Karen Bruce said…
That is great! What a super teacher you are, Jan!
SevenPilgrims said…
Karen! I miss you. Blessings to the Bruce family! (Thanks for the encouragement.)

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