An Early April Fools' Day

Here is the background to the above video:
        It was a relaxing Saturday morning. Earl and David had taken a run to the bank while the rest of us were finishing up our morning routine. I had cleaned out my hair brush and had leaned into the bathroom to throw the hair away, but I missed the trash can. As I leaned over to pick it up from behind the trash can, I saw how I could see it's shadow and a devious plot began to form. I left it there and went running out of my room saying that "something had just run into my bathroom and was hiding behind my trash can". The rest was all up to their imagination! We shut the bathroom door and were just going to wait until Earl and David got home, but Emily got all brave and adultish on me and decided to go in and catch the invader with a towel. I repeatedly told her no, but finally relented and so she and Molly and Annie and Jonathan all learned it was a joke. But we decided to leave things the way they were and have some fun with Earl and David. And it was fun! It wasn't unusual for Molly to ask to video tape this great adventure, but they should have been clued in to the "trick" when Annie was actually watching from my bed instead of staying in her room where she was when she thought we really did have a mouse. Jonathan? Well, he was just plain disappointed that he wasn't going to get to keep anything (I had already told him no to keeping whatever it was, but he is an optimistic little bugger).


Karen B. said…
Hilarious! Thanks for sharing the fun with us! (Love the word "Trust" that shows up in the video! hee-hee!) ~ Karen
SevenPilgrims said…
Thank you, Karen! Our one faithful reader. Haha. I originally started this blog for our out-of-state family, but I believe you are our only reader. Now I consider it just an on-line archive of our family life and thoughts. Yes . . . the word "trust" on the wall makes the video very ironic, doesn't it? Hee hee! Thank you for popping in and saying hello from time to time. I pray your family is doing well. Hugs!

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