They Hatched!

We’ve been watching this praying mantis egg sac for weeks now and today they finally came spilling out! It was so cool! However, Jonathan and Annie thought it best to keep a safe distance. We had the egg in a paper sack with a viewing window and then we put the sack in our butterfly habitat (we wanted to be sure they couldn’t somehow escape into our house).


After they hatched, we took the sack out back and observed them a bit before releasing them onto some flowers to fend for themselves (or to be God’s provision for our little Black Phoebe that frequents our yard). Newly hatched mantids eat aphids, but we don’t have any roses in our yards (not much of anything actually) so we didn’t want to keep them trapped.


Praying Mantids are an example of incomplete metamorphosis. They skip the pupa stage and come out like miniature adults, called nymphs. You see, we’ve been studying “winged creatures of the fifth day”, through Apologia Science. Did you know that mantids have wings? Two sets, actually. Not all mantids fly, but use their wings primarily for camouflage.


I hope we see these little guys around for awhile, so we can watch them grow (and Annie hopes they don’t find their way into our house). And just in case, we have another egg sac in our refrigerator so we can do it again once it warms up and our garden gets in and needs some protecting!



I love these parenting adventures and I love to see my kids get excited over God’s creation!

And I LOVE homeschooling!


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