So . . .

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.

And let me tell you, I am very glad to be a mother. I’m still quite humbled by the fact that despite my many, many imperfections, God has blessed me with 5 amazing kids who continue to be so fun to be with. They show me much grace every day!

Sometimes, our times together are rather . . . amusing.

Yesterday, we were getting ready to leave a field trip we were on and saying good-bye to our friends and all, when I noticed that I was slightly bleeding from a scratch on the side of my nose. And being that it was on the face, it just wouldn’t stop. A friend gave me a tissue to hold to it. Yep, all manner of sophistication was lost by that point. Or so I thought.

As I slid into the driver’s seat, Emily said she had a Band-Aid I could use so I could drive with two hands and not have to hold the tissue to my nose the whole ride home. I wasn’t keen on having a Band-Aid on my nose, but thought I would humor them until we got home. At this point, I’m thinking small, round flesh-colored Band-Aid. But Emily said she didn’t have a round one. Ok. That’s fine, as long as it isn’t huge. She assured me it wasn’t and graciously applied it for me to my nose.

I was wrong earlier . . . all manner of sophistication had NOT been lost. I guess I had a little left. But it was definitely gone after the Band-aid was applied!


Yep. I LOVE being a mom. I LOVE my kids. And I won’t forget this, guys. Your laughter all the was home did NOT make it more bearable.


only you, Jan!
Peggy said…
oops...again, that comment came from peggy

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