Growing Up



I love that picture of Molly! It just oozes her personality to me. Molly has been full of life from the very beginning and it has been a wonderful journey watching her grow up. Her and I enjoy spending time together, even if it’s just running errands around town. I have told Molly from the beginning that “everyone should have a Molly”.

Back in March (Wow, life is just so busy right now, I’m so far behind on my “blogging”!), our Miss Molly turned 13. It is very hard for me to believe that Earl and I now have 3 teenagers who we absolutely adore! I love the kids that our kids are drawn to for friendships and I am thrilled with the people our kids are becoming. That doesn’t mean however, that I am having an easy time at making this transition of “managing their life and making decisions for them” and now stepping away and letting them “take the wheel”. How grateful I am to know, really know, that their Creator loves them better than I ever could and He is perfectly capable of accomplishing His good plans for them. He and I have been talking a lot lately, believe me. (Well, I guess I should say, I’ve been trying to do a lot more listening.)

Molly’s birthday began with a family celebration for breakfast “on her day”, and then Grandma and Aunt Gail came over for dinner and dessert and gifts that evening. For dinner, Molly wanted homemade chili in bread bowls. We tried our hand at making our own bread bowls and they really turned out well and weren’t at all that difficult.


Molly also went and got her ears pierced. It’s a “right of passage” for our girls, if they want, and a fun time out with Mom!


This year was also a “party year” for Molly and she invited some girls to come and hang out. They played some games, ate spaghetti for dinner, and watched The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Our family is a fan of The Chronicles of Narnia and the Tolkien Trilogy, but we have decided that our kids needed to be older to see the movies, and 13 seemed a good age. And to be honest, Annie and Jonathan are content to wait, and Molly has chosen to wait even longer to see the Tolkien movies. But it has been so fun introducing each of our kids to the Chronicles of Narnia as portrayed on the screen and comparing it to our view of the books.


Lord, thank you for the gift that Molly has been to our family. Thank you for the young woman that she is growing up to be. Please continue to grow the faith you have put in her to believe that You alone are the source of all her happiness and continue to grant her grace to find You good and to walk in a way that proves her trust in You. May the fruit that comes from her life continue to be tasty and sweet. “Molly” means “sweet aroma” (Myrrh). May she continue to be a breath of refreshment as she shines for You, Jesus to all those around her. Protect her, Father, from all that would seek the destruction of her spirit and make her wise as she discerns between good and evil, and between average and excellent. May she continue to want to live life big and may You clearly show her what that might look like for her.


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