More Birthdays

Both Jonathan and Emily also celebrated birthdays this past spring.
Since neither of them celebrated with parties (we give our kids parties every 3rd birthday starting when they are four), we celebrated quietly as a family. Well, as quietly as this family can celebrate.
Most of our birthdays start off with homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast:
We let him open some presents that morning, since Emily and I were going to be gone the rest of the day and then we had our extended family celebration the next evening.
DSC_0097Jonathan, who turned 9 this year, chose homemade blackberry cobbler with ice cream for his birthday dessert, but Emily, when she turned 17 in May, wanted to try this new & delectable chocolate cake recipe we found.
We made the cake from scratch, then smeared a layer of Nutella on and sliced bananas and then topped the whole thing with more Nutella, homemede whipped cream that didn’t turn out and fresh strawberries on top. It definitely tasted better than it looked.
Again, a small celebration with family.
But this was a very exciting year for Emily. She passed her driver’s test in April AND got hired on at Bed, Bath & Beyond. In fact, we didn’t celebrate her birthday ON her birthday because she had to work. Trust me . . . she didn’t mind. She is enjoying this new season of having freedom to drive herself places and also the freedom that comes with actually having money to spend. (Right now, she is at the movies with Grandma for some “girl time”.)
Jonathan and Emily, as much as we have enjoyed every age and yet love thinking back to when you were younger, we are thrilled with being able to watch you both grow up and to have your own personalities and strengths and thoughts and opinions. It challenges us sometimes, yes, but we are glad to be growing with you and look forward to all that this new year will hold for you both. Jonathan, you are no longer in “primary grades” but moving up to older school and we think you are ready for the challenge. We have been proud of the progress you have made in piano and are constantly grateful for your sweet and kind spirit and ability to articulate your thoughts and feelings. Emily, this has been a whirlwind lately and we love to see how well you are juggling all of your responsibilities. You have a great attitude and we know that God is going to be walking with you and will continue to teach you all that we have neglected or didn’t know how to teach you.
We love you both! Enjoy this new year . . . .


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