New Adventures

March and April and May were busy months for us as we helped my mom pack up her apartment in Irvine and move to Westminster. It was hard to say good-bye to her very comfortable and spacious two-bedroom condo. We all have lots of wonderful memories from the last 10 years that she was there.

There was lots to pack up and we ended up having to do a lot of packing in a short amount of time. I felt very sorry for Mom who was having to make hard decisions in split seconds. She was moving from a spacious 2-bedroom/2-bath down to a small one-bedroom with no kitchen to speak of. It was tough. But we did it. Jonathan and I joined Mom on Friday mornings while the other kids were in chorus and drank hot chocolate, did a little packing and played a few games together.


As her moving day neared, Earl and I and the kids and Gail helped to get everything all boxed up and ready. Some stuff went to the new place, some stuff went to our garage to be sorted through and stored in the attic, and some stuff went to Gail’s for a garage sale.

Mom had some great guys from her church come help on moving day. I didn’t get a lot of photos from the day of the move, because, well, we were all so incredibly busy. Incredibly. We got to Mom’s about 8:30 am, and Molly and I made our last trip from Irvine to Westminster about 10:30 pm. It was a LONG day. For everyone.


We spent the rest of April and May getting Mom unpacked and settled. We finally had a garage sale at Gail’s in May. It was so much work, that when it was all over the kids took a dip in Gail’s pool and we went in the Jacuzzi. (It wasn’t quite as refreshing as I had hoped.)



Mom still has boxes to go through and stuff to put away, but with the help of friends she has gotten some d├ęcor up and every time we go by, she is more settled. She and I found a cute secretary desk on Craig’s List for $35. With a little paint, it looked fabulous and we got it all moved in today.


It was a really nice morning. After we moved some furniture around, we headed upstairs where they have a pool table and nice electric piano. Molly and David played some beautiful music for us. It was very relaxing for me, and I think Mom really enjoyed it too! I know the other folks who happened by also gave the kids thumbs up and big smiles.


David tends to play jazzy tunes and the girls had a lot of fun dancing around to his music.


Earl and the kids also enjoyed some games of pool.


We then joined Mom in the dining room for a very nice lunch.


So, Mom moved in April. Here it is July, but I think she is finally getting more and more settled. Her place looks really cute. I’m hoping she’ll let me come over some more before school starts up again and get some more of those boxes gone through and off her floor. She is going through them slowly but surely. We still need to get some more storage for her bathroom (an IKEA trip!). Hopefully that will happen this next week.

Here are more photos from her apartment I took today:




It’s been busy for all of us and certainly an adjustment for Mom. But I have found the Lord to be so very faithful to walk us through this phase of our journeys.

So grateful!


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