The Giving of Thanks

It’s my word for pondering this past month (thanks to two dear friends).
It means, to give thanks.
It’s the same word used in the account of Jesus breaking the bread on the night before He was crucified. He took the bread and gave thanks.
He gave thanks for what He knew was going to crush Him.
He also took the loaves and fish from the young boy, which definitely wasn’t enough for the large crowd He needed to feed . . . and He gave thanks . . . and then it was MORE than enough.
He gave thanks for what wasn’t enough.
I’m so thankful for the life of Jesus and the example He set . . . for me.
I am learning to trust the Father (as He did) and to give thanks for what feels like a painful death (like He did), and to give thanks for what feels like incredible lack (like He did).
When I give thanks for what I don’t understand, praying for faith to trust His heart, somehow my heart begins to soften . . . and I didn’t even realize it was hard before. And my eyes begin to refocus . . . and I thought I was seeing so clearly before. And my fingers begin to loosen their grip on those hopes & desires . . . and I didn’t realize I was holding them so tightly, if holding them at all.

Yesterday, we had a house-full and it was such a fun day!
(My good camera needs some repairing, so I had to use my camera my phone. Grrr. Oops! Thankful I had a camera on my phone.)

It actually started on Monday, when Molly, Annie and I got together with some friends and learned their secret pie baking secrets. It was such a special time! We enjoyed sweet fellowship AND we now know the art of pie-making, complete with a fool-proof crust recipe.
The rest of the week, we worked on getting the decorations ready, while listening to “The Last Battle” by C. S. Lewis (radio drama).
Then the day arrived and it was time to get the food prepared and set the table!
The kids and Earl were SO helpful . . . dusting, vacuuming (even under computer desks!), setting the table, decorating, moving furniture, etc.
This year I tried brining the turkey. We had a 23 lb bird and we brined it in a cooler in the kitchen. It tasted absolutely so flavorful and moist!
Back when I was single and my mom was desperately trying to teach me some cooking skills, she bought me a cookbook and it has been so helpful. It has EVERYTHING in it!
We tried to be creative this year and bought some gold chargers at The Dollar Store. We then painted them with chalkboard paint and used them as name plates. (We will be redoing them before using them again. I found a tutorial that I desperately needed before taking on this project.)
My mom moved this past year and downsized considerably. She very graciously passed down all of the “feasting dishes”, including the turkey platter, and the gravy bowl. However, I still needed Mom’s counsel in making the gravy. I think I’ve got it now, Mom. But it would be good if you just helped out still, ok?
David has taken on the responsibility of carving the turkey now. And he does such a nice job!
What an enjoyable year this was!
As Earl and were talking, way later that night, we both were thankful for the privilege of opening our home to others outside of our family, and for meeting new people and hearing new stories.
And we all have our own story, don’t we?
My story is a story of a Redeemer who has been faithful and true. It’s a story that starts way back before the world was made, in the heart of the Creator, who planned to place me in this specific time of history, surrounded by these specific people and circumstances . . . all for His glory . . . and my unending joy.
It’s a story for which I am giving thanks.


Anonymous said…
I love this. Perfect story. Perfect photos. I love you, yoo, my friend.

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