Tickling the Ol’ Ivories


All of our kids have taken piano lessons at some point. Right now, David, Molly, Annie and Jonathan are taking lessons. Earl and I are so proud of each of them for persevering through the many days of practice (and even on an old piano which has at least one dead key), and it has been so fun to see them enjoy their current songs and play with enthusiasm and joy!

They all enjoy their days of playing at home much more than they do recitals. But, twice a year they do participate in a small recital. We just had their “winter” recital. Their teacher is a wonderful Christian lady who lives just on the next street over from us in our neighborhood. The kids walk to lessons (So nice!). She is a very encouraging and skillful teacher and the kids are very comfortable learning under her. We’re grateful that they are enjoying their lessons and look forward to practicing . . . for the most part.

Here they are before the recital:


All of our performers are very serious when they play, but their “nervousness” must work for them because they all played EXCELLENTLY!

(Jonathan is very enthusiastic and confident and plays with great gusto!)


(Annie played her piece with such sweetness in her dynamics; one moment we were straining to hear the notes, the next moment they were filling the sanctuary. The effect was beautiful!)


(Molly has grown in her dynamics as well and really knows how to make a piece swell. She played “What Child Is This” with incredible emotion.)


(David developed his style very early on. He loves the jazz pieces, and it is always fun to watch him playas well as listen to him. He moves with his music and really seems to enjoy the rhythm.)




Well done, guys!


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