Catching Up. WAY Up.

Life has been so very fun this year. There have been a lot of celebrations so far and wonderful memories made.

In March, Molly turned 14! She continues to enjoy ballet and still has her hopes set on getting to work at the equestrian center. We’re just waiting for the Lord to make the next apprenticeship program happen. She tackled Pre-Algebra this year like a rock star and grew a lot through her friendships. She participated in our youth group at Coast and has grown in her understanding of the Word as well as in her desire to live for the Lord. She makes being a parent fun!


In March, we also began getting our backyard ready for Emily’s graduation party at the end of May. We snagged an old bed frame from the side of the road and used it for a fence.


We got rid of weeds, moved dirt, and planted. Jan’s sister also gave us some very nice patio furniture as well as a fire pit.



We headed quickly into the end of our school year, trying hard to finish up by the end of May and enjoying the last of fieldtrips and academy days with friends.

Jonathan, Annie and Molly made handmade “weathered” journals for history:



For Presentation Night, Annie played a thug (forest urchin) and Molly played a kind peasant woman:


David and Emily did a skit together with some friends and David played a doctor and Emily played a mother in “Mother, I think I’m dying!”


Jonathan made his debut as the wolf in his class’ skit. He even had a solo part! “The Three Piggy Opera”:



We spent our spring break doing standardized tests and studying for the SAT. It only took a few hours in the morning and then we were done for the day and enjoyed a more relaxed schedule.


April always brings surprises in our home. I found this sign on the back of our van after I got back from taking Molly to ballet. (Thanks, David!)


And they found THIS when they got up in the morning and turned on the lights for their quiet times:


In April, Jonathan turned 10! What fun it was to celebrate that boy with all of his friends. It turned out to be a VERY cold, windy and drizzly day, but we still had fun. We even ended up bringing some friends back to the house with us for coffee and to play with the birthday Legos.



As part of Emily’s senior year home economics, she recovered our old worn-out rocking chair and did a bang-up job!

Rocking ChairDSC_0006DSC_0012-001





We got David registered for fall over at Goldenwest College. He will be taking some community college classes as a high school senior.


We rejoiced with Emily when her passport finally arrived in the mail. Her trip this September is becoming more real. More about that later!


We enjoyed the spring/summer weather with water fights (until Governor Brown instituted strict water rationing for CA!) and the duck family that graced our yards one unexpected morning.


We enjoyed having Jan’s sister and mom over for Easter and made some fun deviled egg chickies:


Well, that about brings things up to speed until May. Since May was such an epic and exciting month for us, we will save those photos for the next post.


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