Getting Perspective


Photo credit: Emily Miles (Angkor Wat)

This morning, as I was cooking pancakes for the crew, I pulled out an old “journal” of sorts and found some thoughts I had written about one of Earl’s sermons (dated August 21, 2011). It has challenged me and encouraged me once again.

Last Sunday, Earl was teaching on Romans 8:26-30 and focused especially on verse 29 – “. . . those whom He foreknew He predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son . . . “

He used the example of a world where being a star basketball player was supremely valued and asked us, “If you lived in this world and you had the power to do whatever you wanted for those whom you loved, wouldn’t you want to make them star basketball players?”

In heaven, all things exist to glorify Jesus, and God, who has the power to do whatever He wants for those He loves, is conforming us to the image of Jesus. (Such a glorious and mind-boggling promise!)

As a parent listening to him teach, I couldn’t help but make application as a parent: What society do I call home? Do I consider myself a resident of heaven, temporarily living in a foreign land, but confident of finally being able to live there fully under all its rules and laws and values? If so, is that what I am preparing my children for? Am I leading them to value what residents of heaven value, even while living in a foreign land? (I know, I know, only God can incline a heart, but that doesn’t free me from my responsibility to teach and model – Deut. 6:6-9)

Perhaps heaven seems a long way off and I find myself just wanting to fit in here and succeed here because it is right in front of me. And I’m encouraging my children to do the same.

Or maybe I’d like to fit in both places. So I follow this world’s values until they conflict “too much” with God’s values and then try and apply as much of God’s laws as I can.


Photo credit: Emily Miles (Angkor Wat)

Still really good questions to think about this morning.

This life is a pilgrimage. I am here for a purpose and only for a short while. Lord, what would You have me do today as I continue my journey? What are You trying to show me? What do I need to see and learn? Who am I to love today? I confess, I’m getting a little weary and long to take a rest (“Are we there yet?!”). Please give me the strength I need to continue to be about Your business and not just to sit down in the road, content to play with the rocks and stones in the dust. I need Your strength to continue on . . . and to rejoice along the way. I have young companions with me who need a good role model and an encourager. Help me to be a good leader as I follow You. And thank You so much for the abundance of other fellow companions You have provided to share in this journey with me. Yes, there is much to rejoice about, as I keep my eyes open and my feet moving . . . by Your grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. Amen.


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