Well, this is our newest adventure!

This sweet little lady just showed up on our driveway the day of David's graduation and the day before our BIG graduation open house. It was like she picked us to be her family! she was clean and didn't look like she had been on the streets for long. she was very friendly and soaked up the attention and belly rubbing we willingly gave her. She also loved the shredded cooked chicken that Jonathan got for her from the crock pot which was being prepared for the next day's open house.

Hmmmm . . . what do we do with her? 
The kids of course were begging to keep her, but we knew we had to at least try and find the owner. Somebody must be missing this sweet girl!
So, we posted on a local neighborhood social media site, and we posted to Facebook. Then we got her set up in the backyard. We pulled out the small dog carrier we had and some old blankets. We already had a dog water and food set, so the kids and Sonya (Earl's sister) set off for the store to buy some food. How very grateful I am that Sonya was here when this all happened. She LOVES animals, especially dogs, and was an invaluable resource for us in thinking through what to do. 

The next day was our Open House, so we rigged up a place where we could contain her, away from guests and the food. We didn't know much about this girl, but we found out very quickly, she wanted to be where we were. She loves people and yet the crowd was a bit overwhelming. The kids spent a lot of the day holding her and showing her off.

 The following Monday, we took her down to a local animal hospital and had her checked to see if she had a chip. Nope! The kids breathed a sigh of relief. Then we posted to more sites to get the word out. Nobody called. The days turned into weeks, and the weeks have now turned into 2 months. She is very much at home with us and the kids absolutely love her (we do too!).

She looks and acts like a puppy, but we think she is an adult. She looks like she is part Chihuahua, but maybe have some Jack Russel in her too. She is FAST and can jump. She has a LOT of energy and is so fun to play with. The kids have spent a lot more time outdoors this summer! Her favorite thing besides being with us and playing . . . is having her belly rubbed. She will roll over on her back (almost continually) and pump her paws up and down begging for some tummy attention.

She now has a name, a collar and a harness and the kids have been working with her to obey "walking orders". However, she definitely prefers her own backyard and people. When we are not available to play, she watches us from the window, or naps while keeping a very alert ear out for the door to open and let us out. She is going to be an outside dog and the wonderful thing is that she is so adaptable. She very rarely whines or barks. She just adjusts to her present situation . . . but is always SO VERY happy to see any of us who come outside.
Since we have a growing issue with coyotes in the area, we needed to find a long-term solution to keeping Rylie safe at night. We also needed to find a long-term solution for comfortably having her and Midnight (our rabbit) share the yard. Midnight is used to being able to graze the whole backyard all day. But Rylie and Midnight do NOT get along. So, we would have to pen Rylie up for a few hours a day to let Midnight have some time to graze and "stretch his legs". 
My sister's boyfriend, Brent, owns his own construction business and he offered to build us a fence (donated all the lumber and labor!) if we would help. So, we dug post holes and stained the fencing in preparation.

Then Brent showed up on a Saturday and "got it done"!

Rylie watched the whole process with interest.

We were truly amazed at what this man could do in a short 4 hours!! We are mostly done, but it is completely functional. We have since "fortified" it with some cinder blocks to keep her from digging out from the bottom. Eventually we will reinforce the bottom, finish the gate and also install a lean-to type roof to help keep her dry. Thankfully it doesn't rain much here in CA!

After Brent left, the boys went to work on building her a little platform.

She really LOVES her little place! She is content when we put her in and she has plenty of room to move about and play while Midnight has his turn in the yard.

It really is amazing . . . this whole thing. When the kids would mention getting a dog, I would comment that we tried and failed at the dog-keeping thing and if we were ever to have a dog, it would have to be a fully-grown dog and already socialized and potty-trained. And it would have to drop in our laps because we didn't have the funds to buy one. And there she was. On our driveway asking to be our dog! And the fact that she is small, doesn't eat much (or poop much!), and acts and looks like a puppy is just icing on the cake for us. The kids are just having so much fun with her!!

Is there anything too hard for the LORD??


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