Molly and Levi

 Molly has been working at All About Horses in Huntington Beach since February of this year. She works 4 hours a week after school, mucking out stalls and doing whatever other work they have for her, like helping students tack up their horses for lessons, etc. In exchange for her labor, she gets a riding lesson on Tuesday evenings! She has been doing so well and absolutely loves getting to ride.

This past lesson, she got to ride Levi. He is about 21 years old and was trained as a race horse. A horse isn't fully grown until about 5 years of age, but often times they are started racing way before that, creating lots of problems for the horses later on in life, when their owners decide they are "too old" to race. Fortunately for Levi, he has a job at All About Horses. He is a sweet boy who works in helping train young girls to ride and compete.

But yesterday, he got quite frustrated. Being ridden in lessons can create a lot of energy, and if they aren't able to "let it go", it can become overwhelming. Levi had not gotten to canter for a couple of days and he was ready to let out some energy. But Molly was instructed to "hold him in check" and only canter for a few paces before walking. After a few repetitions of that, Levi had it and threw Molly off! His hind legs went up, and she flew over his neck/head to the right, turned mid-air and landed on her bottom facing the horse. We all were so grateful she wasn't hurt and I was completely impressed with the level of professionalism that the staff showed. They demonstrated a true knowledge of Levi as well as Molly.

Levi was walked to another pen where he was able to let out some of his energy:
(If you can't view the video, try THIS LINK. You'll really see his "attitude" at about 39 sec.)

After he calmed down, Molly walked him around on a lead. Then she rode him around at a slow walk. 
I was so proud of her for getting back on 
(after seeing his earlier display)!

This was a much more subdued Levi.
(Again, if you can't view the video below, try THIS LINK.)

They then finished out the lesson back in the front arena and Levi was ready to call it a day.

What an ADVENTURE this has been for her!


Corrie said…
Wow, that's crazy, I'm so glad she's okay! Good for her finishing up with the horse later. Hope her tailbone isn't too sore! :-)

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