A New Year

This photo was taken back in August of 2017. 
A lot has changed in our home since then. 
A lot has remained the same.

This blog has been silent for the past year.
But my journal has been filled!
I think it is helpful to have pictures to accompany my blog posts,
and well, I just haven't had the time to devote to photos lately.
But my brain has been full.
Along with my schedule.

My hope this year, 2018, is to renew my efforts to put up some of those thoughts here.
I am going to try and capture some simple and quick photos to illustrate my thoughts.
My thoughts mainly center around my weak areas.
And how my weak areas are causing me to lean on the Lord more.
And leaning on the Lord has helped me to grow in my understanding of Who He is.
He looms large in my eyes these days.

I'm feeling like an old friend has been found.


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