About Us

We are a family of 7. Earl is a pastor and that makes us a "ministry family". Earl and Jan have shepherds' hearts and that is what drew them together. It is only natural that our children would also have a passion for this world that our Creator has created and would enjoy the people He placed around them. We are loving discovering all about God in the things He's made and the experiences He takes us through as a family. Life is an adventure!

What is the key to our joy and "success"? It is what we believe to be true about life.

We believe that God is the Supreme Good, that we are idol worshipers by nature, that Jesus is our double cure (for the penalty of our sin and the gift of a righteousness that we don't have), that faith is trusting in the promises that God has made to us, that love is the outward expression of our obedience of faith, that God is sovereign over all that comes our way and over all that happens in this world, and that Jesus is a willing Savior for all of the world. And those beliefs lead us to seek God for all that would define life, to serve others for their good (trusting Him for our good), to submit gladly to the authorities He has placed in our lives, to sacrifice in areas where we are free to do otherwise, to speak the truth in love at all times and in all situations, to suffer to the glory of God (including personal convenience and comfort), and to show grace to the ill-deserving.

What do  you believe to be true about life? How is that working for you? Do your beliefs give you any hope and help for the life to come? Ours do. Feel free to ask us about how. We LOVE to talk about it. For we are only pilgrims in this life. Exiles, if you will. Life is one big road trip for us. We are truly just passing through, enjoying the stops and people and experiences we encounter. We're learning a lot. But one day, our journey will come to an end and we will arrive "Home". Our hearts' longings will be finally 100% satisfied. In fact, that is one way we know that we have been created for a different "world". We've been created with longings that can never truly be satisfied here in this life. But one of those promises that we are trusting in is that one day all tears will be wiped away and we will be completely satisfied.

Yep. We love road trips. But the best part of any road trip, as many have experienced, is driving up that driveway and realizing you are home. One day. But until then . . . 

Blessed travels!

The photos on this page are from a recent "road trip" up north for a cousin's funeral. His road trip is over and our hope is that we will get to see him again when we get home too.


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