Our Homeschooling Journey, Part 1
Our family has homeschooled from the "beginning of time".
I, Jan, worked as a public school teacher with the Long Beach Unified School District. I taught 5th and 3rd grade. 
I LOVE teaching.
In God's providence, I was surrounded by families at my church who home schooled their children, so it was not a foreign idea to me.
But it was to Earl.

While we were courting and getting to know each other, we talked about education options, should we marry and have children. He was willing to let me homeschoool. There was no argument or need to twist his arm.

Then, when Emily was just a wee baby, Earl came to me one night and said, I heard this radio program today about homeschooling and I ordered a set of the tapes and I want you to listen to them. This method makes a lot of sense and I think this is what I want to try and do.

So, the tapes came and I listened to them. It was RC Sproul interviewing Douglas Wilson regarding Classical Education. And it did make a lot of sense.

Then, a little while later we were heading away for the weekend, just the two of us, and we stopped by the library to pick up some books and I grabbed what I could find on "classical education". One of the books that I just happened to grab was entitled "The Well-Trained Child: A Guide to Classical Education at Home" by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise. (Little did I know how much that book would shape our home school!) That weekend, we spent a lot of time with me just reading out loud from this book and both of us responding . .. "yes! yes!"

I was in awe of how easily God put us on the same page, when I clearly had "all this education in education" and so much more experience. I so much wanted to be a team with Earl and I wanted him to be the head of our home and to be able to lead in this area (I seriously knew how easily it would be for me to just control and plow ahead). It was a true blessing and my absolute favorite part of this whole story.

We make a GREAT team!


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